Session 6: Propagation Session
    Session Chair: Durk Van Willigen, Reelektronika B.V.
Paper Slides  Getting a Bearing on ASF Directional Corrections
  CAPT Dick Hartnett, USCG Academy;, G. Johnson, K. Dykstra, J.J. McMullen Assoc;
P. Swaszek, U. Rhode Island
Paper  Modeling LORAN-C Envelope-to-Cycle Differences in Mountainous Terrain
  Paul Williams, David Last; University of Wales
Paper Slides  Analysis of Groundwave Propagation Effects for Loran RNP 0.3
  Sherman Lo, Per Enge; Stanford University
Paper Slides  Summer Vacation 2003 ASF Spatial Mapping in CO, AR, FL, and CA
  Greg Johnson, R. Shalalev, John J. McMullen Associates; R. Hartnett, USCGA; 
P. Swaszek, T. Moyer, U. Rhode Island

van Willigen