ILA Membership Meeting Notes
At the 32nd ILA Convention and Technical Symposium
Boulder, Colorado USA

November 6, 2003

I.          Call to Order – Linn Roth

ILA President G. Linn Roth called the meeting to order at 2:55 PM

II. Finances – Erik Johannessen

Erik Johannessen, incoming ILA Treasurer reported that he does not have a complete financial picture yet, but ILA finances are straightforward, and it is easy to see that we are solvent, and that we had a very successful convention in 2002.

At the start of this (2003) convention, ILA accounts contained approximately $44,000, up from about $32,000 at the end of 2002. ILA’s fiscal year closes on September 30 each year. Erik is working with outgoing Treasurer Marty Poppe and the ILA Operations Center to obtain more details of ongoing activities and expenses.

The early evidence suggests that this convention will also be successful in providing operating funds for the ILA.

III. Election Results – Jim Doherty
The full Board of Directors for the year 2004: 
G. Linn Roth, President   (Elected 2003)
Erik Johannessen, Treasurer 
David Last, Vice-President 
Robert Lilley, Secretary   (Elected 2003)
John Beukers, past-President (ret) 
Langhorne Bond 
Thomas Celano    (Elected 2003)
James Doherty 
Tamotsu Ikeda 
Jacques Manchard 
Benjamin Peterson 
Martin Poppe 
Thomas Rice 
William Roland    (Elected 2003)
Charles Schue 
Nicholas Ward 
Durk van Willigen   (Elected 2003)
IV. 2002 Proceedings – Bob Lilley
The proceedings for last year’s convention were sent to participants on CDs and were placed on the ILA web page for general use. 
V. ILA33 Venue – Linn Roth
We are sound financially, and we have opportunities in Europe and Asia, where navigation and timing groups are trying to make decisions. In May, we will see GNSS 2004 in Rotterdam (European ION), and the ILA is invited to hold a one-day Loran tutorial. If ILA were to have the symposium; individuals from ILA would present to the group, with a minimal fee to attendees. This session would have a break-even goal.

Comment: Jacques Manchard: This is a good way to put information and a tutorial where it is needed. This should be directed to people who do not know much about the details of Loran-C. This presentation is not like a classical ILA convention. Very timely.

For our annual meeting, Tokyo in October 2004 has been chosen.  Mr. Tomatsu Ikeda (SENA) has a co-sponsorship from the Ships and Ocean Foundation in Japan. We would also ask representatives from Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Korea, Russia, etc. to attend.

Comment: William Roland: Watch co-sponsorship and flow of funds! Remember we found it difficult to break even in partnership with RIN.

Robert Lilley: The GAUSS group might help also.

VI. General Discussion  - Linn Roth
Among the topics discussed was the location for the upcoming ILA-34 meeting. We now know this location will be Tokyo, Japan.
VII. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:30 PM.