GAUSS - Global Augmentation of Satellite Systems - Photos of meetings at ILA-32
Boulder, Colorado USA, November 2003.
FAA's Mitch Narins reacts to a discussion at GAUSS, and Linn Roth, 
Erik Johannessen, Durk van WIlligen and others react to Mitch.

There's Bill Roland, and Ron Davis, Bob Wenzel, Jacques Manchard 
and Linn Roth.

From the right: Ben Peterson and Mitch Narins with dueling laptops; 
Durk van Willigen and David Last work nearby.

That's NELS' Gunn-Marit Hernes in the background.

...and GAUSS' Chairman, Gerard Offermans seems pleased -- of course, he just received his doctorate, so he's entitled!

Bob Lilley and Mitch Narins, with the dueling laptops again.