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International Loran Association
32nd Annual Convention and Technical Symposium
November 3-7, 2003 -- Boulder, Colorado USA 
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Registration Fee Refund Policy: 50% refund if cancellation is received in writing before October 3, 2003. No refunds after October 3, 2003.

Special Needs: Contact the ILA Operations Center.

Pre-Registration fee = US $510 for ILA members, US $550 for non-members. Fee includes all session and exhibit attendance, continental breakfast, receptions, hosted luncheons, banquet and hospitality suite, and a CD copy of the Proceedings.
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Enter $510 if an ILA member, otherwise enter $550; After Oct 3 all attendees enter $550 $ 
One-day fee = US $250 -- Includes daily sessions, Proceedings, exhibit, and lunch
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Guest fee = US $120 -- Includes Monday Icebreaker Reception, Hospitality Suite, 
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Booth and/or Display = US $50 -- Additional information is available.
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GAUSS Registration = US $30 --Monday November 3 and Friday November 7, 2003. 
Two half-day sessions held at the convention hotel.
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