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Archive: Introduction
The International Loran Association (ILA, earlier known as the Wild Goose Association or WGA) ceased active operations in 2011. This website archive will remain as a resource for researchers and students, at this address until more permanent space is found.

The Association thanks its members and friends for your loyalty, interest and support through the years, and encourages you to remain active in the Royal Institute of Navigation, the Institute of Navigation, and the various meetings, symposia and publications around the world.

On February 7, 2008, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced in a press release that eLoran was adopted as the national backup system to GPS for position, navigation, and timing. That announcement was not followed by action to deploy eLoran in the U.S.

After the 2008 release, the ILA urged the U.S DHS to act on the promise of deployment and operation of eLoran as a GPS alternative navigation and precise timing system. The ILA encouragement was joined by the Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation and others.

On March 22, 2015, the U.S Department of Transportation requested public comment on a Federal Register notice regarding implementation of eLoran in the U.S. Comments were received, and eLoran has remained under study by a Tiger Team assembled to make GPS backup recommendations and continue the requirements development process... 

Meanwhile, in recognition of the world's increasing dependence on satellite-based positioning and timing, backup using eLoran continues to be of interest to navigators, professionals, industry and governments around the world.

The Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation continues to update postings on its website giving breaking news on GNSS backup topics, including specifically eLoran.