34th Annual Convention and Technical Symposium, Santa Barbara, California, USA
Convention Index: Proceedings
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Technical Sessions
  Welcome and Keynote
  Session 1: Status Reports & Updates
  Session 2: Programs and Plans
  Session 3: Loran System Management
  Session 4: Timing; Differential Loran
  Session 5: Signals and Propagation
  Session 6: Interference and Noise
  Session 7: eLoran Applications
  Session 8: Receiver Development
Additional Events
  Message: Past-President Dale Johnson
  Pre-Convention Reception
  Awards Presentation
  General Membership Meeting
  Board and GAUSS Meetings
  Luncheons and Banquet
  Icebreaker Reception
  Reception and Art Exhibition
ILA-34 Information 
  Convention Daily Schedule Brochure
  Call for Papers
ILA-34 Scrapbook
  Between Sessions
  Convention Graphic
  Past-Presidents' Poster
  Medal of Merit Poster
  Megapulse-Provided Posters
  Fess Parker and Davy Crockett collage
  "Davy Crockett" Hit song from the 50s