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Loran-C User Handbook - 1992 - COMDTPUB P16562.6

The Handbook was written in 1992 as a cooperative effort between the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. A committee of the Wild Goose Association reviewed and edited the document. It describes "classic" Loran-C, not "enhanced" Loran. Many of the chapters remain applicable, however, and the entire document provides insight into system operation and use.

Click here for the entire Handbook (a 12.5 MByte .pdf)


2008 eLoran Definition Document

eLoran is an independent, dissimilar, complement to Global Navigation Satellite Systems
(GNSS). It allows GNSS users to retain the safety, security, and economic benefits of GNSS,
even when their satellite services are disrupted.

This Enhanced Loran (eLoran) Definition Document was published by the International
Loran Association to provide a high-level definition of eLoran for policy makers, service
providers, and users. It was developed in November 2006 at the United States Coast Guard
Navigation Center by an international team of authors.


Loran-C / GPS Interoperability 1991 Loran-C Availability Models 1994
Loran Bibliography 1972-1988