The International Loran Association has ceased active operations. This site will remain as an archive for researchers and students, at this address or another host site, to be announced.

The Association thanks its members and friends for their loyalty, interest and support through the years, and encourages you to remain active, using such organizations as the Royal Institute of Navigation and the Institute of Navigation.

12/15/2015: [U.S.] PNT ExCom Backs eLoran...
12/10/2015: U.S. to Build eLoran Timing, then Navigation Network...
On February 7, 2008, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that eLoran is adopted as the national backup system to GPS for position, navigation, and timing.
Click here for the Press Release

That announcement was not followed by action to deploy eLoran in the U.S.

Since the 2008 release, the ILA has been encouraging the DHS to follow up the promise of deployment and operation of eLoran as a GPS alternative nav system. Our cause  was joined by the  Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation, and others.

On March 22, 2015, the U.S Department of Transportation requested public comment on a Federal Register notice regarding implementation of eLoran in the U.S. Comments were received, and as of June, 2015, eLoran remains under study by a Tiger Team assembled for the purpose of making a recommendation on implementation.

Meanwhile, e-Loran continues to be of interest, and is in operation on other parts of the world.

In December, 2015, there was good news for eLoran supporters! Please visit thet Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation website for two articles indicating progress toward U.S. deployment of eLoran:

December 10: U.S. to Build eLoran Timing, then Navigation Network...
Devember 15: [U.S.] PNT ExCom Backs eLoran...

Learn about eLoran
The Enhanced Loran (eLoran) Definition Document was developed in 2006 at the United States Coast Guard Navigation Center by an international team of authors and was published by the ILA in 2007. Click here for the Enhanced Loran (eloran) Definition Document.


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